Xtreme Charge 12 Station HD Charger

Manufacturer: PulseTech
Xtreme Charge 12 Station HD Charger

Charge and Desulfate Up to 12 Batteries Simultaneously

• Charges, recovers and maintains one to 12 batteries simultaneously

• Rugged HPX plastic cabinet has wheels for maximum portability

• Software optimized for battery recovery

• Variable charge to 8A per channel

• Patented pulse technology removes sulfate deposits on battery plates

No need to move the batteries - this rugged, portable charging system lets you charge and condition 1 to 12 batteries on the pallet, in a shop, or wherever they're being stored. Hook up one to 12 batteries, flip the switch and walk away. There are no switches or dials to set and no possibility of overcharging. Completely safe, it makes old style bus bar and gang chargers obsolete.

The 12 independent charging channels profile the condition of each battery and then automatically cycle through a charge/recovery process that applies the correct charge current(variable up to 8A) and the Pulsetech optimized high frequency pulse to each battery. This patented technology removes sulfate deposits on the battery plates, increasing the battery's ability to accept, retain and release energy, making existing batteries last longer.

The flexible, replaceable cables fit in the case for easy storage and are easy to disconnect and safely move to the next battery, since no current flows through the cable until connected to the battery.