PulseTech RediPulse Pro 12

Manufacturer: PulseTech
PulseTech RediPulse Pro 12

12-Station, 12v Battery Maintenance System

• Low amperage patented pulse trickle charge offsets normal discharge rate

• Completely safe - Can not overcharge

• Maintains up to 12 batteries in "factory fresh" condition indefinitely

• Works with all 12v lead-acid batteries (flooded cell, AGM and gel)

If you sell, inventory or service lead-acid batteries, you want the battery you take off the shelf to be as new as the day it was manufactured. However, batteries that sit idle continually discharge and are subject to a naturally occurring build-up of lead sulfate deposits that reduce the batteries ability to accept, store and release energy.

The Redipulse Pro-12 tackles both problems. A continuous cycle of low amperage charging reverses the normal discharge rate and optimized high frequency patented pulsing reduces the size and number of lead sulfate deposits. Your batteries will stay "factory fresh", no matter how long they have been sitting on the shelf.

Connect from 1 to 12 stored 12v batteries from a single A/C outlet. Completely safe - there's no sparking between the battery leads because current does not flow into the cables until connected to the battery. An audible alarm signals if the cables are reversed. LED lights indicate the status of each individual battery.

Removable cable and battery clip modules can be replaced if damaged.